Every NFL stadium. 30 MLB parks. All the NBA and NHL arenas, plus the top venues in college football, hoops, hockey and baseball. Mr. Sports Travel has been here, there and everywhere. He's the man to help you plan!

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2021 Fan's Guide to the Ultimate Cactus or Grapefruit League Experience and 2020 Fan's Guide to the Ultimate Ballpark Tour: Fully Loaded!, plus free email access and advice from Mr. Sports Travel 24/7 when you buy any guide! The guides can be easily viewed and utilized on a mobile device. Footballbasketball and hockey guides also available for purchase!

Mr. Sports Travel has been a contributing columnist for Basketball Times (subscribe) and USCHO.com (college hockey) and has also contributed to NBCSports.com (baseball), among others. 

"I have been purchasing your guides for years now. Thanks a million." – John, Oceanside, California

"Your guide was very handy – not only info about the (venue), but about the surrounding area, sights, restaurants, etc. THANKS for the help!" – Jacqui, Fort Worth, Texas

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Mr. Sports Travel has been a freelance sports writer since 1996. His work has been published on ESPN.com, FOXSports.com, NBCSports.com and MLB.com, and in the Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, San Diego Union-Tribune, Athlon Sports and others.


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-      The guide also lets you easily print out only the pages you need for your trip!

"Using the guide is easy, even for a novice computer user. The Bookmarks down the side of the screen allow users to hop from one (venue) to another with the click of a mouse. Each section contains practical tips for a trip to any (venue) with attention to two very important details: time and money." – Tampa Tribune

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> Mr. Sports Travel’s online guides resulted from a frustration:

-      When he would plan his sports trips he could never find all the information he needed in one place. He would scour the library or Internet, but often the information was outdated or unreliable, and therefore, not trustworthy.

-      Solution? Mr. Sports Travel decided to combine his two passions – sports and travel – into comprehensive, yet easy-to-use online guides, arming fans with the latest, great planning information right at their fingertips!

-      What makes Mr. Sports Travel’s guides the best product to plan any sports trip? In short, it’s the ability to instantly access all the information you need to plan any trip at anytime – right at your fingertips – also using Mr. Sports Travel’s personal experience and knowledge of having visited thousands of sporting venues!

-      Unlike outdated guides at the bookstore – or Web sites that are inaccurate – these guides are timely, trustworthy and never, ever depreciate in value.

-      Beware of all imitators because when it comes to price, value, selection – nobody even comes close to helping you plan a sports trip like Mr. Sports Travel!


-     Current and up-to-date information on getting the best bang for your buck on seating options/tickets, parking, securing free autographs and a whole lot more, plus unique historical information on the venue.

-      When and where are the unique pre-game traditions and photo opportunities?

-      Where are the best sports restaurants and bars?

-      Nearby golf courses to hit the links?

-      Attractions, unique haunts, hidden gems and off the beaten path adventures?

-      Buy tickets for a particular sporting event using the guides' customizable links – or whether Mr. Sports Travel suggests you save money on the surcharges and buy day of game at the box office or how to successfully negotiate with a scalper.

-      Instantly view your options on how to secure the best airline, rental car and hotel reservations to your destination – then book it, using the customized Web links inside the guide that take you to the right deal.

-      Tips on saving money on parking, local attractions and much, much more, including local sports-related museums and roadside attractions, plus sports-themed restaurants and sports bars.

-      Anyone who buys Mr. Sports Travel's guides receives free e-mail advice from him, so if you ever have any questions, he's with you 100 percent of the way!

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